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"Infrastructure Services" A type of Technology Cabling and Equipment Infrastructure which specifically relates to the wiring/cabling/connectivity and racking/cabinets/mounting of Technology Equipment in order to facility an installation which is well designed, undertandable, reliable and well documented.  This includes the combining of Services/Infrastructure for Information Technology Equipment, Communications Equipment and Audio/Video/Control Equipment into a single termination destination and the ability to avoid duplication of services while achieving the full integration of Information Technology, Communications and A/V Components.


Our "Infrastructure Services" offers a wide range of solutions and installations for structured cabling. Our services can be provided to both small and large projects. Our professional team of experienced technicians can help you plan and design an advanced network cabling solution for your data center, server room or for your entire office. We provide a complete array of services including infrastructure design, installation and termination. ASSI can help you to create, establish and manage any cabling project, including Cat 5, Cat 6, Plenum cable and fiber optics to suit your specific requirements. .

A properly designed infrastructure including cabling and mounting is key to having a stable office and keeping your support cost down in the long run.  Making sure that your design is efficient and that you do not have bottlenecks anywhere in the communications line is also important.  Also, keeping VOIP equipment isolated on their own runs away from normal traffic and providing QoS (Quality of Service) will significantly improve voice quality and the performance of the rest of your network. 

Advanced Service Solutions has been supporting business and end users for over twenty years.  We know how to provide support, manage people and get the job done.  More importantly, we know how to help you and your staff get their jobs done!

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Infrastructure Services

  • Learn what you need
  • Determine what you want
  • Find out what you an afford
  • Figure out what your staff can handle
  • Determine if your network can handle it
  • Determine what you will lose
  • Determine what you will gain
  • Determine what level and type of hosting is right for your business
  • Develop a good plan
  • Pick your implementation date
  • Acquire the solution
  • Bring new System on line
  • Train personnel
  • Thoroughly Test Solution
  • Revisit for any needed Phylosophy Changes
  • Enjoy the benefits of your new system
Customer Testimonial

ÔÇťAdvanced Service Solutions undertook the task of  supplying our racks and office wiring.  Their design allowed for enough spare cables that each and every time we have added another printer, phone or any other equipment that we have already had the wiring in place to support it.   ASSI is and shall be our Technology Partner of Choice!"

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