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"Physical Security" is a "Necessary Evil" for business in todays environment and with the industry rapidly migrating to IP, internet based communications and controls, the alarm, access control and surveilance equipment now falls under the IT group in order to make it work with their infrastructure and provide management/control over the security equipment.  .


Why is a Managed Services Technology organization talking about Alarm Systems and Access Control?  Well, lets start with the fact that the technology available today for alarms and access control systems has grown in ability/features by leaps and bounds.  Included in these features are interfaces where people who understand regular business technology interfaces and terms can add/delete/change or modify users and parameters for most systems without having to call for an expensive service call to make those canges.   So, why do you want a managed alarm, access control and surveilance system that is managed by your in-house IT or Managed Service Provider?  Single point of control, single point of responsibility and single point of notification for action is just the start of the reasons why.  When you hire, fire or change... does it not make sense that you notify one department and all access to computers, servers, email, intranets, alarm systems, access control systems and surveilance systems are all implemented by the same technologist?  Why and/or how does it make sense to involve a second group of people or a second company to significantly increase the cost of these actions?

Alarm Systems are no limited to one code for all users.  Each user is now registered in the Alarm Panel (and the Central Monitoring Station)and has their own access, hours of access and access to specific areas only.  When the user enters their code, the system allows access and then notifies the approprite people that access has been granted, documents the data and time of the access and can also enable other devices for real time recording of video and/or access control modifications.

 How do you track users in and out of your office, remote offices, warehouse etc?  How do you restrict access to only the areas that employees need to be able to get into? Why is this so complicated?  It is not.  When a modern Access Control System is created and properly implemented, the controls are seamless and easily maintained.

Video Surveilance is one of the most difficult implementations to get accomplished correctly of all technologies.  The vast majority of video surveilance systems simply do not work.  Sure, you see a picture... but does the picture cover the appropriate area?  Does the picture allow for identification of the individuals, are they from the correct angles, can you clearly see a face?  What is the resolution it is recording at, how frequently are the images recorded, how long is the image maintained on the Network Video Recorder for?  Is the Network Video Recorder Archived for permanent storage of the images?  The answer is a partnership whereby you have a trusted advisor that is knowledgeable as to how to help you do this.

Advanced Service Solutions has been working with business to understand Alarm, Access Control and Surveilance Technology and the ramifications of not using it since before the Internet and Cloud were invented.  We understant the need and know how to properly make these solutions work together and work to the best implementation possible.  We also understand the raminifactions of the decisons you are making and can make sure that you make the right choice the first time.  We partner with and have many years of installations and experience with some of the top names in the Industry, and we also have experience working with business development, structure and services.  This means that we are uniquely qualified to help you bridge the gap between having and not having a successful Technology program or not.

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Physical Security Consulting

  • Learn what you need
  • Determine what you want
  • Find out what you an afford
  • Figure out what your staff can handle
  • Determine if your network can handle it
  • Determine what you will lose
  • Determine what you will gain
  • Determine what level and type of hosting is right for your business
  • Develop a good plan
  • Pick your implementation date
  • Acquire the solution
  • Bring new System on line
  • Train personnel
  • Thoroughly Test Solution
  • Revisit for any needed Phylosophy Changes
  • Enjoy the benefits of your new system
Customer Testimonial

ÔÇťAdvanced Service Solutions undertook the goal of helping us to implement our security environment including our alarm systems, access control systems and our surveilance technology. They were extremely knowledgeable worked with our staff, first gaininga great deal of information on how we worked and the best fit for  our needs.  ASSI was instrumental in our achieving our  results and we rest easy with the knowldge that we are protected and safe in all of our locations and our workers content with the knowldge that we have good systems to protect them.   ASSI is and shall be our Technology Partner of Choice!"

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