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"Pricing and Fees" -- Competitive pricing and fees are required in todays world.  Anyone can pick up any device and quicly verify competitive pricing and services.  


"We are thirlled to let you know about our pricing policy and how competitive we are!.  With over twenty years of experience and relationships in this industry... we live, eat and breathe technology.  Our job is to keep you working so your business can continue to grow and prosper!"

Robert D. Huseman

Our Pricing and Fees:

Advanced Service Solutions Competitive Pricing Promise.

We pride ourselves on not only staying current as to technology, our competition, and the market as to pricing for products and services... but to be experts in the field and to be the most knowldgeable and capable possible in our areas of expertise. Our competitive pricing guarantee is based on setting the price of our product(s) or service(s) to be based within the range of what the competition is charging and we continually review both our pricing and our competitors to insure that we maintain our competitive edge.
We also pride ourselves on utilizing only top quality products from top name vendors. These products will always be current, industry standards, mainstream and well known products from Equipment Manufacturers that specialize in and lead the markets both in sales and technology in the markets which they compete. Technology is often here today and gone tomorrow. Our products stand the test of time and are from names you know and trust.
Over twenty five (25) years of knowledge and experience, combined with having dozens of distributors and purchasing options allows us to deliver innovative ideas for services, cost effective service agreements, best of class products and equipment with some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. With our Nationwide network of warehouse locations, we can promptly deliver to almost anywhere, we'll help you cut costs, we streamline your procurement procedures and minimize your vendors within your supply chain. We provide services at competitive prices and cost effective products and solutions that actually work.
Ask an Advanced Service Solutions Representative about our cost saving ideas that will help increase your company's bottom line.


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Pricing and Fees

Customer Testimonial(s)

We never understood what buying high quality equipment meant for us until our Cisco Solution allowed us to have our remote access, our security, our access to customers who also use Cisco and more.  Now, we will never use anything else!

David Lynn
System Design and Integraton

We bought our Cisco Equipment in 2007 and never had any concept that it would still be current and working now!  Their support and service is amazing!

Robert Friedman
FBLegal, LLC.

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