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"Products" -- Products are the items which set service organizations apart.  Products must be reliable, supportable, sustainable and efficient at what they do.  We must endevor to insure that our products are the best and most reliable products that YOU can have! 


Our Products are carefully selected based on what we have determine in our twenty years of experience to be the best choices for us to utilize to help business grow and prosper. Each are from industry leading providers who specialize and lead in technology and support. When we pick a product to offer to you, it is not just based on that products specifications and price.  It is based upon the company that manufactures it and the support that the product has, the reliability that the product offers and the operational functionality that it brings to the implementation. 

Advanced Service Solutions has been working with business to help them choose, understand, implement, use and support their Technology since before the Internet and Cloud were invented.  We know business and we know technology and we can help you understand the raminifactions of the decisons you are making and to insure that you make the right choice the first time.  We partner with and have many years of experience with some of the top names in the technology and Cloud Industry, and we also have experience working with business development, structure and services.  This means that we are uniquely qualified to help you bridge the gap between technology and business needs and know how to support both. If you are not aware of all the options and ramifications of how to keep your business operating and how to utilize and/or enhance the features, benefits, security and more that you already have... you need ASSI Support Services.

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  • Learn what you need
  • Determine what you want
  • Find out what you an afford
  • Figure out what your staff can handle
  • Determine if your network can handle it
  • Determine what you will lose
  • Determine what you will gain
  • Determine what level and type of hosting is right for your business
  • Develop a good plan
  • Pick your implementation date
  • Acquire the solution
  • Bring new System on line
  • Train personnel
  • Thoroughly Test Solution
  • Revisit for any needed Phylosophy Changes
  • Enjoy the benefits of your new system
Customer Testimonial

“Advanced Service Solutions has worked with us and our company to help us keep our business running efficiently or years.  They have consistently educated us on what the ramifications of our decisions are and how the changes we implement will affect our use of our industry specific software and our business in general.   ASSI provides suggestions and makes constructive recommendations/changes to our plans, environment, Cloud Provider Choices and security needs on a regular basis.  We went from not knowing what we would do to having a complete plan!"

David Lynn

System Design and Integraton

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