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"Networking Components and Equipment" -- Networking Components and Equipment, also known as Networking Hardware, Network Equipment, Network Components or Computer Networking Devices, are physical devices which are required for communication and interaction between devices on a computer network.  Networking devices may include gateways, routers, network bridges, modems, wireless access points, wireless lan controllers, networking cables and switches; and may also include hybrid network devices such as multilayer switches, protocol converters, bridge routers, proxy servers, firewalls and other related hardware.  As technology advances and IP-based networks are further integrated into building infrastructure(s) and household utilities, network hardware will become an ambiguous term owing to the vastly increasing number of "network capable" endpoints..


We provide and consult on Networking Components and Equipment because they are the backbone of Business Networks and Business Networks are the backbone of Business.  Why is the Network Backbone so important?  Because, as you grow, stability is required to run your business without interuptions from outages or application errors and is critical to your success.  The seperation of different technologies on your system by creating individual networks to facilitate each, contributes substatially to stability and quality you experience.  Components which have the capability to do this are referred to as "Managed Devices" and they allow for the creation of multiple networks on the same equipment to allow for that seperation of technologies, they allow for monitoring and logging, they allow for Quality of Service which provides priority routing to Voice and other critical infrastructure devices and they allow for almost unlimited customization which allows your network to be flexible and meet almost any need necessary for a stable and operational network infrastructure.

Since most people underestimate substantially the importance of the compatibility between components and also underestimate the value of having all of your equipment being of the same manufacturer.  One of the worst problems in Technology today is the finger pointing that occurs when a problem rears its ugly head.  It is the switches failure, no it is the Wireless Access Point doing it, no... it is the router!  Single point of responsibility is achieved by all of the equipment being from the same manufacturer and all supported by Service Agreements from that Manufacturer.  That Manufacturer also has to have the size and capability to support that equipment with teams of trained technicians for each technology, and those teams need to work together seamlessly to resolving your issues. 

Having the right backbone design and equipment is more important than you can imagine.  Putting the right equipment in place, minimizes your problems and allows for your network to just work.  We help our clients choose, understand, implement, use and support the appropriate Networking Components and Equipment Solutions for their environment.

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Networking Devices and Components

  • Learn what you need
  • Determine what you want
  • Find out what you an afford
  • Figure out what your staff can handle
  • Determine if your network can handle it
  • Determine what you will lose
  • Determine what you will gain
  • Determine what level and type of hosting is right for your business
  • Develop a good plan
  • Pick your implementation date
  • Acquire the solution
  • Bring new System on line
  • Train personnel
  • Thoroughly Test Solution
  • Revisit for any needed Phylosophy Changes
  • Enjoy the benefits of your new system
Customer Testimonial

““Advanced Service Solutions has provided us with APC battery backups and surge protection.  Since implementation, our equipment failure rate is significantly reduced if not all but eliminated.  Some of the best money we have spent with increased productivity and our employees equipment seldom down.”

Robert Friedman

Friedman and Brown LLC.

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