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"Hybrid Networks"  A hybrid network is any computer network that uses more than one type of connecting technology or topology.  That previosly meant the possibility of different communication methods.  The term has now evolved to mean the combining of a Hosted Network with a Customer Premise Network in order to share full networking services both in the cloud and in the local offices.  This, in the most generic sense, provides services that are provided over the Internet bi-directionally and are delivered both in the cloud and locally to a remote site. This is the same as what was previously known as Wide Area Networking with the small change that instead of a corporate office being the head end of the system the cloud is tasked with that purpose.


"Yes, the Hybrid Network is a real thing!  We have installed many, many companies with Hybrid Networks over the years and this is a new trend. We can provide and service Hybrid infrastructures and our experience and expertise in this area makes us a great solution for business with this need!"

Robert D. Huseman

The choice to make your network a Hybrid Network is a big decision.  It is very enticing in that it provides a tremendous number of benefits by the very nature of its design.  The cost effectiveness of Hybrid Networks is substantial and attractive when the benefits are considered.

Advanced Service Solutions has been working with Hybrid Networks since the technology became popular.  We can help you move to the cloud.

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Hybrid Networks Products and Services

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We use a proprietary industry software that requires that we have our servers local in our office.  We never understood before how important it is for our technology providers to be aware of having both cloud and local networks and how to bridge them!

David Lynn
System Design and Integraton

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