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"Hosted Networks"  A Hosted Network is a service which, in the most generic sense, provides services that are provided over the Internet but delivered locally to a remote site.  In the hosted network environment, conected devices receive the same services and have the same capabilities as local servers and networks provide.  The Internet is used to connect the client machine to the hosted server, which allows access to server data, content, security and other services including printing and policies.


"Yes, the Hosted Network does exist.  We have installed many, many companies with Hosted Server Services over the years and this is a new trend. We can provide and service Hosted infrastructures and our experience and expertise in this area makes us a great solution for business with this need!"

Robert D. Huseman

The choice to move your network to the cloud is a big decision.  It is very different from using hosted applications in that you get to retain all of the benefits of server security, policies, centralized control of workstations and more.  The cost effectiveness of Hosted Server Solutions as compared to trying to keep the equipment in your office is substantial and attractive.  Many now want both cloud services and to have local servers and to integrate the two technologies.  The integration allows for the best of both worlds.

Advanced Service Solutions has been working with Hosted Networks since the technology became popular.  We can help you move to the cloud.

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We use a proprietary industry software that requires that we have our servers local in our office.  We never understood before how important it is for our technology providers to be aware of having both cloud and local networks and how to bridge them!

David Lynn
System Design and Integraton

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