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"CPN - Customer Premise Network"  A CPN (Customer-premises-network) is equipment and infrastructure which is located on the customer site.  CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) is the equipment which is located and functions within the CPN.  CPE is also often mis-used by vendors which utilize it as a reference to Customer Provided Equipment.  Customer-provided equipment (CPE), by their definition, is any products, technology and associated equipment which is located at a customers premises, is part of an existing working solution and is not slated to be replaced in the course of a project or sale.  Another mis-use of vendors was the generalization that CPN networks could also be called Local Area Networks (LAN).  Local Area Networks is a topology designation and not an equipment classification.


"Yes, the Customer Premise Network still exist.  We have installed many, many companies with CPN over the years and some still want their equipment local. We can provide and service CPN infrastructures and our experience and expertise in this area makes us a great solution for business with this need!"

Robert D. Huseman

The choice to keep your old network still in your office or to install a new one locally in your office is still a common practice.  Many simply like the control of having it local and in their view, others have requiements which make it necessary and even more now want both cloud services and to have local servers and to integrate the two technologies.  The integration allows for the best of both worlds and reduces the loss of functionality often associated with moving to the cloud.

Advanced Service Solutions has been working with Customer Premise Networks since Novell was the dominant server solution and integrating Windows to the server was considered risky.

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Customer Premise Network Products and Services

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We use a proprietary industry software that requires that we have our servers local in our office.  We never understood before how important it is for our technology providers to be aware of having both cloud and local networks and how to bridge them!

David Lynn
System Design and Integraton

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