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Business's grow when you provide the right tools and support to make that happen.  When your business infrastructure works properly and you have the right tools... It is amazing how good things just fall into place! Working Customer Relationship Mangerment Solution statistically lead to more sales.  Full featured, well implemented and accurate ERP (Accounting) Solutions statistically control cost better and give management information to make good decisions with.  Managed Services Support Agreements allow you to keep working without employees stopping you in your tracks every five minutes asking for help with technology and statistically increase productivity.  When everything is working properly and you have the tools in place... nothing stands in your way from making sales, delivering product and supporting your customers! 


"We have helped many, many companies by putting in the right tools and products to help them grow.  Our experience and expertise in this area makes us a great solution for business who are interested in growth and profitability.  We specialize in partnering with you to support your success!"

Robert D. Huseman

The choice to make your business better, more profitable and more efficient seems like it would be so easy to make.  A very simple and easy to understand goal, and what great rewards await...  How do you take the first steps forward in enacting positive change in your organization and make those important management moves that you already know will help you grow and prosper?  The reason that many people do not make these changes is because they simply do not have the confidence in their ability to get the job done quickly and effectively.  Usually one is the biggest problems is a lack of confidence in their  technology partners.  This can be a strong indication that you might have outgrown your current technology partner or that they just do not have the skills or expertise to help you continue your growth.  If you have confidence in your technology partner...  you would have the confidence to know that your road ahead may be rocky, but that you will be properly advised, guided and supported while you are facing these challenges.  You would know that you and your partner will both work dilegently together towards that objective as a team with a single goal.

Advanced Service Solutions has been working with business to improve efficiencies and help them grow for over 20 years.   We have many years of experience in selecting the best products available and we partner with the top names in the technology industry.  Performing a thorough Due Dilegence, Designing Effective Solutions and providing great installations and support is what we do. We do it well because we have extensive experience working with business owners and management to understand your business and its needs in order to be able to select and implement the right products and services.  Most importantly, we are not finished when the installation is complete.  The most important part of these projects is effectively training you and your people, supporting the new platforms, tweaking them to be perfect for your company and making sure thorough knowlege and dedicated follow through that the project is a complete success.

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We never understood before how important it is for our technology providers to be business capable and to actively participate in making our business function effectively.  We now know what we have been missing!

David Lynn
System Design and Integraton

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