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"Mobile Devices and BYOD" Mobile Devices and the BYOD (Bring your own device) technology now being employed in almost every level of business bring the possiblity of data loss and/or theft through the use of these technologies.  Mobile Device Data Loss and/or Theft are the number three (3) cause of data being lost or stolen today


"Mobile products have revolutionized the way we communicate today, but the concept of allowing uncontrolled company data to be kept on a device which you have no rights to or control of is risky and perhaps even reckless.  Our experience and expertise in this area makes us a great resource to help."

Robert D. Huseman

Data theft or loss is at high vulnerability when employees are using mobile devices [particularly their own] to share data, access company information, or store company information on the devices themselves.  According to multiple studies, mobile security breaches have affected more than two-thirds (68 percent) of global organizations in the last 12 months.  As more enterprises embrace BYOD, they face risk exposure from those devices on the corporate network.  If the device is behind the firewall, including via the VPN, in the event they are infected with malware, spyware or other Trojan software... you have provided access to the corporate network.  If the device is not properly updated, secured and managed... then data and connections are not properly protected while the device is in the field!  Further, proper inventory and identification of devices is not usually maintained and the ability to "remote wipe" any compromised device is often either not available, has been compromised or simply does not work.  Also, a significant legal question as to the right to the company to destroy the personal property of an employee comes into question and most companies do not have existing written permission to do so and are subject to damage claims if the employee so chooses.

The choice to make your business safer and less vulnerable to these vicious attacks seems like it would be so easy to make.  Unfortunately, the complexity that has been introduced by BYOD and mobile devices is substantial.  Having the right technologies in place to manage these issues and the proper policies in place is critical to protecting your data.  Do you allow employees to use their own devices or do you require corporately owned devices only for data access?  Do you have the ability to "remote wipe" devices and has it been tested and proven to work?  Have you carefully reviewed your employee manuals, policies and guidelines and are you adaquately protected?  Can you identify each and every device  and when it is missing, how long does it take you to identify which device it is?

Advanced Service Solutions has been working with business to improve safety and help make them secure for over 20 years.   We have many years of experience in selecting the best products available and we partner with the top names in the technology industry.  The cost of finding out the hard way is far greater than taking reasonable and proper precautions before anything happens.

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