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Business's grow when you provide the support to make that happen.  When your business infrastructure works properly, when you have all of the support you and your people need to succeed, when you no longer worry about what your support billing will be this month and nothing is standing in your way from making sales, delivering product and supporting your customers!  It is amazing how good things can just start to happen!


"We have helped many, many companies by putting in Flat Rate Labor Agreements to help them control cost.  Our experience and expertise in this area makes us a great solution for business who are interested in growth and profitability.  We specialize in partnering with you to support your success!"

Robert D. Huseman

The choice to stop trying to fix everything yourself seems like it is the right thing to do.  After all, you are saving money by doing so right?  The sad answer is that you are usually losing money by doing so.  When Owners or Managers are doing technical support, they are not doing the jobs that make the company money. We offer cost effective Managed Service Agreements and IT As A Service Agreements to fit almost any budget.  When your support agreement(s) cover all of your routine maintenance, your support calls and equipment failures... you stop worrying about calling to have things fixed.  Life becomes much more simple... something breaks, you make the call, you go back to doing your more important jobs and someone else fixes the problem.  Next month, you review how much more productive and profitable you were because you had the support you need.

Advanced Service Solutions has been working with business to improve efficiencies and help them grow for over 20 years.   We have many years of experience in selecting the best products and services available.  We partner with the top names in the technology industry and know how to take care of our customers.

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We never understood before how beneficial it is for our technology providers to be under Flat Rate Agreements for our support needs.  We now have a fixed monthly cost and get all of the support services we need without worrying about the cost.  Our employees love being able to call for help anytime they need without having to ask for permission!

David Lynn
System Design and Integraton

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